‘No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced’

David Attenborough

The wonder of nature is something every child should be exposed to in our eyes and that’s why we place great importance on Environment Education.

While our nature inspired designs catch the eye it is Education that we place at the backbone of what we’re trying to achieve with Brother Wolf.

We have worked alongside a number of charities that value our ecosystems and this is important to us. They have provided information for each design’s accompanying fact card.
The more we educate people the more likely we are going to see significant changes to the way we live with nature. That’s why we are working with some fantastic charities and the inspiring business the Horned Beef Company.

Interested in knowing more? Check out our Community projects or read on to find out about the wonderful charities we are working with.

Organic Farming

Farming with nature in mind

Horned Beef Co

Sustainable farming is the future, and it is possible for farming and nature to coexist, keeping the countryside productive but also bursting with wildlife.

Horned Beef Company Ltd.

The wonderful Horned Beef Co are a prime example of where farming and nature can go hand in hand. Their chemical free, low energy ethos means that their farm provides home for wildlife, allows water to behave naturally and cycles carbon that benefits our climate.

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Enviromental Charities

We have worked alongside a number of charities that value our ecosystem and this is important to us. The more we educate people the more likely we are going to see significant changes to the way we live amongst nature on this planet


British Pteridological Society


The British Pteridological Society was founded in the Lake District in 1891, providing a place for Fern enthusiasts to share information about Ferns.  Today it continues to provide a wide range of information about ferns, through its website and by publishing regular journals, leaflets and books, and organising formal talks, informal discussions and outdoor meetings.

We are delighted to have worked closely with the society to produce our ‘Frond Friends’ t-shirt in the hope of inspiring a future of Fern lovers!

Visit the website

British Dragonfly Society


The British Dragonfly Society works to increase public understanding and awareness of dragonflies and damselflies. The society was formed in 1983 and now has a membership of 1700 people, check out the amazing work they do on the links below. They aim to carry out and support research on dragonflies and damselflies to work to conserve these amazing insects.




The Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation

This wonderful charity has pioneered the reintroduction of the Beaver, which you can now see among the beautiful countryside of Argyll. Beavers are vital for our ecosystem and have transformed the landscape of Knapdale as well as brought multiple other benefits to a host of other species on both land and water.

Go visit the wonderful Pete and Ollie at their visitor centre. They offer exciting, fun activities for children and guided walks of the beautiful area that is home to the fantastic Beaver.

We hope our tee design raises awareness of the need to have these amazing animals back in our landscape – they need support and we need them back in higher more secure numbers.




Buglife aim to bring certain species ‘Back from the Brink’. By pooling expertise and developing new ways of working they aim to put over 100 priority species on the road to recovery by 2020, whilst inspiring people across the country to discover and care for threatened animals, plants and fungi.

Invertebrates are often overlooked in our ecosystems, but they are crucial components in nature’s web. Check out Buglife’s work on their social media channels below and support if you can their work to protect our insects.